How Physical Security Saves Clients Time, Money, and Anxiety

October 17, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

At this day and age, the importance of assets; both digital and physical, in the corporate world is immeasurable. There are dangers lurking in every digital and physical corner and business owners should be well aware of the fact that their assets are always in danger of being compromised. Lucky for CEOs and company heads, ways to protect assets are ever-evolving and there is no shortage of viable solutions to use.

One of the popular preventive measures in the corporate world is cloud-based Physical Security. The solution comes at an age where dangers come in various forms. According to Techopedia, Physical Security is “measures designed to ensure the physical protection of IT assets like facilities, equipment, personnel, resources and other properties from damage and unauthorized physical access.” To be more precise the dangers covered by Physical Security include fire hazards, vandalism, and theft.

These tools come in various forms that cater to an array of business sizes. For instance, Brivo offers a Physical Security platform for multiple offices and even small businesses. It offers an extensive array of features for each of its products. It not only considers the well-being of a company’s employees, but it also offers security for customers by adding an extra layer of protection for their information.

To give a few examples:  Brivo allows real-time monitoring of the physical facility and its many rooms and avenues at any given time, alerting the administrator if something untoward or uncommon happens. The same also holds true for the smart devices that employees use, as the platform continually checks the stream of data that flows in and out, flagging documents and items that it screens as dangerous.

Other than providing company owners with a new depth to security for their assets, solutions like this also come with a few more benefits.

The benefits Of Physical Security

With a cloud-based Physical Security solution at bay, companies can benefit in the long run and they can save thousands in expenses too. Rhea Group notes that investing in Physical Security is now more important than ever.

A government data breach in 2006 when a Veterans Affairs laptop that contained information on 26 million people was stolen. The event cost the Veterans Affairs a whopping $20 million. People are now more creative when it comes to theft and as such, security measures are now more important.

In a separate case reported by the Sans Institute, 74,000 employees, suppliers, and contractors were affected by a breach in 2014 because of stolen laptops with poor security. This time, one of the affected individuals filed a lawsuit against the company because important data was stolen from him.

Looking at a smaller perspective, if a company lost their asset due to theft, they’ll be held back by countless revenues. Most importantly, they’ll be held back months and possibly even years of progress, thus stunting their market growth by a great deal.

Moreover, CEOs who avail of services like this also get the benefit of a mind at peace. Company heads and employees will no longer have to worry about losing valuable data with Physical Security. Though it may not be a free service, it’s better to spend on it rather than losing more because of carelessness, accidents, and people who want to disrupt a certain institution.

Physical Security remains to be a catalyst for growth at this day and age and various industries and sectors can benefit from its unique take on protection.

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