Convergence: Cybersecurity and Physical Security

January 10, 2019 / Jayar

Everyone knows how seriously the US Secret Service takes their job, which is really a good thing. If anyone knows how important security is, it’s the Secret Service Chief. Through time, securing politicians has become more than just parading with bodyguards or having them followed by undercover agents. In an exclusive interview with CNN last January 2017, it was mentioned that there were two new areas that the Secret Service is now focusing on, and these are social media and cyberthreats. The director also mentioned that the same experts who are in charge of the US financial system’s cybersecurity are also the ones in charge of making sure that the facilities visited by the current president are also safe from cybercrimes. Interestingly, this illustrates perfectly how physical security and cybersecurity fit together. This Forbes write-up will give an even deeper look at the convergence of cyber and physical security. – Regina Ongkiko

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