Physical Security at its Best by TrackTik

January 10, 2019 / Jayar

Did you know that there are four regions in the world that account for 80 percent of the whole world’s physical security business, with China primarily accounting for about 31 percent? This is according to The Physical Security Business 2018 to 2023 report described in Globe News Wire. It is also estimated that China is the biggest single country market for physical security products; it has already increased its market share by almost 50 percent in just the past seven years, with video surveillance equipment being the major contributor. The report further compares various markets from 2006 up to 2018 and shows that due to terrorism threats, additional opportunities have opened up for video surveillance. However, video surveillance is just one type of product in the physical security industry. This IT Business article focuses the spotlight on TrackTik’s innovations in their effort to modernize physical security. – Regina Ongkiko

Read the source article at IT Business Canada

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